The Last normal photo challenge
Artykuł znajdujący się na oficjalnej stronie BBC stał się inspiracją dla wyzwania, które nauczyciel języka angielskiego, Andrzej Bugajak, rzucił swoim uczniom. Zaproponował,aby przedstawili i opisali w maksymalnie 150 słowach swoje jedno z ostatnich zdjęć zrobionych przed wybuchem pandemii w Polsce oraz uzasadnili dlaczego właśnie to zdjęcie jest ważne dla nich w czasie powszechnego lockdownu. Prezentuję tylko kilka przykładowych prac uczniów klasy 1b i 1d liceum ogólnokształcącego.

Link do artykułu stronie BBC:

Autor: Andrzej Bugajak

The last photo before quarantine is this one. In the picture there are my best friends and me. I locked them on a little balcony, it was really funny. We were in my friend’s flat. It was just an amazing meeting. We had lot of fun and played some games. Why I’ve chosen this photo? It is a nice memory. All my friends from the picture are older than me. They’ve just broken up the last high school year. They are going to get away soon, because they are going to university. I am so sad, because we won’t be able to meet as much as we could until now. We wanted to spend much time together but the quarantine disrupted our plans. And there is a question: why I love them so much? I love them, because they are not fake people. I can always depend on them, and also trust them. They are the best people in my life. That’s why I am so sad.

By Weronika Kaczmarek

My cousin is 9 years old and lives in Byczyna. He often comes to me and then we spend time together. This day was sunny weather and we spend afternoon on the new playground. Olaf is a very curious boy. He climbs on the climbing wall with joy but he solves math problems with difficulty. The queue gave him the greatest joy. Other children had to wait in line until he got bored. I was happy to show Olaf all the traffic signs and tell them what they mean. Olaf is a very smart boy and he liked the bike town. Outdoor gym equipment gave him the most joy. He had to try to practise at each, even though he is still small. I had a very nice afternoon with my cousin because I don’t have a brother. Returning home we went to an ice-cream shop for tasty ice cream.

By Tymon Puchała

My last normal photo I took was obviously with food. That was one of the last days before lockdown. I got it on Women’s Day when I was celebrating with my class at school. My classmates ordered a pizza and gave us roses. I know that pizza isn’t exactly the healthiest food but I think everyone can afford to eat some junk food from time to time especially when it’s a holiday. I had a really great time then with my friends. I even remember that while eating pizza we mentioned about the birthday party. We were so happy and no one expected we will be staying home for over 2 months now. I’ve had plans with my friends for upcoming weekend but unfortunately we had to put them off due to coronavirus. I hope that this coronavirus thing will end up very soon so I could finally meet with my friends.

By Julia Samsonowicz





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